Subject Matter Expert (SME) Areas

We have assembled a team of subject matter experts to help address business challenges that are particularly complex or require ongoing reviews and refinements.  To help contain costs, these experts are only brought into a particular assignment when, in the judgment of the principal, their special knowledge is required, and they are only engaged for the length of time determined necessary.
Strategy Development
Having a clear and coherent business strategy is as critical to achieving success today as a map (or GPS) is to finding your way in an unknown land.  And, if you aren't sure where you are going, even a map isn't going to help.  Strategy development starts with an analysis of where you are, then integrates your vision and goals for where you want to be, and finally creates your individual roadmap (a business plan) for getting there.  Without a strategy, there is always a risk of creating unreasonable goals or expecting to get there in one big leap; and when the plan doesn't work, hopes are often dashed.  So, this business roadmap contains intermediate objectives, periodic reviews, milestone adjustments, and refined strategies, if necessary.  Each of the individual business areas listed below are considered and, where relevant, incorporated into the plan.
Marketing and Sales
A marketing and sales expert can look at the programs you have in place today and develop a clear and concise message designed to reach your target audience with a compelling message that sells you and your service or product.  This often involves a thorough analysis of your market and your product/service fit.  Similarly, we'll look at your market size and location to determine if either needs to be expanded (or possibly contracted) based on your ability to serve your existing customers.  Few things do more damage than failing to deliver to your current customer base.
Finance, Accounting, Taxes and Business Valuation
A seasoned financial professional, usually a CPA with vast business experience, can do a thorough review of your bookkeeping practices and records and identify a wide array of potential problems that can have not only financial consequences (i.e. failing to collect on accounts receivable, late action on accounts payable resulting in additional fees) but also create legal problems with the IRS or state taxing authorities.  Additional action in this area may include remedial training for an accounting employee or even outsourcing a professional firm to provide this service.
Web Development, Photography and Collateral
Even small businesses require professional looking websites and marketing collateral.  While the specific nature of these materials may vary depending on size and industry, a central component is professional imagery.  This SME can provide onsite photographic services to create headshots for the company executives and other key staff members, interior and exterior architectural photos, product and equipment photos, and HD video products where needed.  These images can then be used to create or update the business website or design and publish other marketing materials.
Logistics and Transportation
Moving your products or employees who provide the services you offer are often both complex and expensive.  Our SME can look at your requirements and existing resources and make recommendations for improvements that can both enhance and streamline them, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective/saving solutions.  Outsourcing, leasing, strategic partnerships, and many other creative methodologies can result in improved business practices.
International Business and Exporting
Companies that are either selling or would like to sell their goods internationally face a daunting hurdle of regulatory and logistical challenges.  The SME who consults in this area has extensive experience working in the international market space and can help establish a set of practices to successfully interact with foreign businesses.  The same can hold true with imports you may require in order to produce your products.
Insurance and Benefits
Managing employee benefits is increasingly more complicated and expensive.  Healthcare benefits, workmen's compensation and several other programs are often based on the number and type of employees.  This SME can review your procedures and make recommendations for improving employee benefit packages while complying with all federal, state, and local regulations.  In some cases, this may require changing providers of benefit packages or even outsourcing the administration of these benefit packages. 
Human Resources and Leadership
Similar to the benefits management area, rules and regulations differ significantly based on industry, number of employees, and several other factors.  If you don't have a full fledged HR staff, this SME can recommend outsourcing options or assist in establishing an appropriately sized internal department to manage this critically important function. 
Process and Product Development
The world is ever-changing and companies must change to keep pace with the needs of their market.  Whether you provide products or services, there must be an ongoing effort to review your offerings for needed refinements while simultaneously looking at new opportunities to expand your markets.  This SME can help establish a set of protocols designed to optimize these processes to ensure you are always one step ahead.